Suggested donation $10. Free will offering

A preshow talk at 6:30pm and reception with light refreshments


Gateway Dance Theatre presents A NEW DAY/UN NUEVO DÍA a celebratory Holiday Musical!

An innovative, bold adaptation of the timeless story of the Nativity, the birth of the child as a modern bilingual musical!

A New Day/Un Nuevo Día demonstrates the love, joy, and equality of this holiday season. The timeless story is told through Jose and Maria as migrant laborers headed South and the eventful birth of their child. The child’s birth pulls communities together. As the author and illustrator, Don Bolognese states "To all children, our hope, and to keep that hope".












Roosevelt’s Bridges2 Harmony,  Genesis Afro Beats, Tina Haase Findley, GDT’s diverse cast, and the music reflects with joy Iowa’s changing human landscape! 

Do not miss this unique experience! 



Please fill out a form if you are interested to be part of this production:

Actors & Production Crew Form

 Musicians and Dancers Form

Volunteer Form

Main roles 16+

Fiesta dancers all ages 5 and over! 

GDT plans to present a diversity of vocals, music, and dance (actors, singers, musicians, dancers, videographers, photographers, production help, sponsors, and more). All who are interested in being part of this creative endeavor are welcome to apply.




Service Station Attendant

Traveling musicians

Deputy Sheriff

Travelers - (3) dancers

Fiesta - Variety of dancers, musicians, etc.

The cast does not need to be bilingual- and not necessary for them to know how to speak Spanish.