NOTICE: Due to COVID-19, all in-studio classes are temporarily on hold. We look forward to gathering and dancing in person when it is safe to do so. 


Indian Classical Fusion Bharata Natyam

Indian classical fusion combines movements from Indian classical dance and Indian folk. The movements are free flowing and adapt to the music by combining the various influences from classical and folk! No prior dance experience of any kind needed. 

Hip Hop

Kids course

Expect a blast from the past with a new present-day twist! Rooted in storytelling and activism, Hip Hop has changed the world. Students will explore foundational movements of many forms of Hip Hop while understanding the forces that guide the movement till this day.

Youth adult:

Find new avenues of feeling and movement by taking a step further and challenging the rules of Hip Hop. Students will Use the core movements of Hip Hop to learn mini combos as well as develop their own skill of expression, known as freestyle.

Brazilian Samba

Samba covers the flirtatious, regal Samba Queen dance style from Rio plus the hip and booty shaking style of Samba Reggae from the north of Brazil as well. This class includes foundational steps, both slow and fast; posture; hip and booty movement; and graceful arm movement and improvisational technique as well

Capoeira - Brazilian Martial Arts


Brazilian art form which combines dance, combat, rhythm, music and acrobatics. Capoeira Is so much more than just a martial arts class. A great workout, but that’s just the beginning. You’re constantly learning new things and challenging yourself in new and exciting ways.

Latin Beats Merengue

Hips don’t lie! Especially not in this Latin Beats-Merengue Class. Join Wanda at Gateway Dance Theatre where you’ll be enchanted with moves and grooves of this ball room extravaganza! All levels are welcome and be on the lookout for some hint’s other Latin flavors like bachata and merengue in this new class! You’ll learn basic steps to the rhythm and timing of the music. Whether it be hip rolling or body isolation, your guaranteed to have fun with this choreography! 

Rhythms of the World dance class


Adults (12 years old and above)  - Classic training is essential and most importantly, priceless. World of Rhythms is designed to share the sounds, movement and diversity of the land in which we all come from, Earth. In this class you’ll enjoy the bare essentials and basic foundation of what it takes to understand and move through any style of dance. With a primary focus on the techniques of Indian (folk and classical) dance and African diaspora, students will embrace these fundamental styles while adding a contemporary feel. All you need is the willingness to learn, no experience required

African dance class

Bask in the raw expression of African dance. African dance requires the desire to explore total body articulation and harness body control. Rooted in tradition and rhythm, students will ground themselves in the rich history and foundational movement of the mother land. 

Drums and Percussion, Afro-Caribbean 

Percussion with Leeman, Wed evening drum class!

Or by appt. 

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