We offer dance classes from around the world.

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Brazilian Samba

Samba covers the flirtatious, regal Samba Queen dance style from Rio plus the hip and booty shaking style of Samba Reggae from the north of Brazil as well. This class includes foundational steps, both slow and fast; posture; hip and booty movement; and graceful arm movement and improvisational technique as well

Capoeira - Brazilian Martial Arts

Brazilian art form which combines dance, combat, rhythm, music and acrobatics. Capoeira Is so much more than just a martial arts class. A great workout, but that’s just the beginning. You’re constantly learning new things and challenging yourself in new and exciting ways.

Latin Beats Merengue


Merengue-Latin Dominican beats. Basic steps, hip movements/isolation, merengue choreography, dance culture. Come join this social dance class!


World Rhythms dance class

Adults (12 years old and above)  - Enjoy diverse, contemporary, and traditional movement and to the music from around the world, especially India (folk and classical) and the African diaspora. Students will learn basic dance technique that is common and fundamental to all dance styles.

Drums and Percussion, Afro-Caribbean 

Percussion with Leeman, Wed evening drum class!

Or by appt. 

Gateway Dance Theatre Repertory (by invitation)