ARTivism during the Pandemic

Virtual Zoom March-April Classes

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Classes are open to all. Registration required

Classes are at no cost! Like us on Facebook and Instagram and other social media.   Enjoy these fun and varied classes.   We would  love  your help and support  please  donate .

 Any amount would be amazing.  Share the Love !

Grade Kg-3rd

Wednesday  March 3, 10, 31.

 Cost Free

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SocaFit- Dance Fitness

Wednesday's 3:30-4:15pm

D2G SocaFit is the only nationally certified dance fitness program highlighting authentic Soca music straight out of Trinidad and Tobago, fused with Caribbean, African, and Indian sounds and moves, as reflected with its rich island culture and history.

This fun and unique community carnival program is geared for all ages, all gender, all skills - all are welcome!   

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Wednesday's 4:15-5:00PM

Learn the basic sounds of the  Afro- Caribbean drums/percussion, to play  a basic rhythm, and some of the percussion instruments.

Grades 4th-8th

Thursday March 4,11. April1.

Cost Free

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Thursday's 3:30-4:15PM

Have fun! Learning a new skill that may even find out that you have award winning acting abilities. Build your self-esteem as quickly as learning a new skill. The arts are a fantastic way to teach a new skill.

Dance Hip Hop

Thursday's 4:15-5:00PM

This energetic class brings hip hop culture alive using fun pop music.  This class will teach the basic and fundamental movements of contemporary hiphop focusing on rhythm, technique, and precision.


 Fridays  Mar 5,12,19, 20  7-7:45PM


Bhangra is a traditional Indian folk dance that originated in Punjab,India. It was commonly performed to celebrate a good harvest, specifically during the Vaisakhi Festival. It is a lively dance that follows the rhythm of the dhol, a loud double barrel drum that fills the dancers with energy. Bhangra is a unique style of dance that demonstrates both in the ground weighting, similar to hip hop, and upwards weighting, similar to ballet. Take this class if you want to have a fun workout

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