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GDT Studio Rental

Ready to rent one of our spaces where we bring diverse communities to enrich our lives?

Pole Dance Studio

Dance Studio 

The Studio is all the dance/choreography magic happens! 



The space can be used for workshops or personal practice space. It is equipped with wall-to-wall mirrors and Bluetooth speakers

Urban Interior Design

Community Room

The Studio is all the dance/choreography magic happens!



The community room can be used for art/music workshops and as a jamming area. It is equipped with musical instruments like drums, percussion instruments, and a piano.

Please note

We welcome everyone who has a passion for the arts into our studios. However, we do hope everyone always respects the space we call our second home. Please spend a few moments reviewing the set of rules we imply even to our in-house instructors and students. We hope that it will answer your questions while clarifying our policies and procedures.


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