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GDT’s sm.ART camp is  combining Academics with Cultural Arts

For 5 days students develop their knowledge, skills, creativity, all in a fun and innovative way.  Students will participate in a program of academics, art, music, movement, and drama. A collaboration with IQ America.


ACADEMICS Dr. Vellareddy Anantharam IQ America

 Leadership- Team building and other creative techniques.  America

Vocabulary & Spelling bee- Vocabulary and spelling bee appropriate to their grade level.

Entrepreneurship- What Does It Mean to Start a Business? Are You Sure you want to Start a Business?

Public Speaking- How to prepare and present. Emphasizing public address, poetry, prose, etc.

Quiz Bowl- Will cover all core subjects Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts.


Visual Arts- Create and explore different art materials. Radmila Abram

Theatre- Writing and performing your own skills. DesShana Langford

Dance and Percussion- Moving to the rhythms of the world. Penny and Lee Furgerson