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With an exciting lesson offering, every class and program is thoughtfully designed to meet your needs and areas of interest. Reach out to hear more about the variety of classes  GDT offers, and find the most suitable one for you.  FIRST week, try a FREE class every day  -choose classes that suit you!

Brazilian Rhythm & Movement

 Tuesday 6-7pm
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single class

Samba covers the flirtatious, regal Samba Queen dance style from Rio plus the hip and booty shaking style of Samba Reggae from the north of Brazil as well. This class includes foundational steps, both slow and fast; posture; hip and booty movement; and graceful arm movement and improvisational technique as well

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Bhangra with Nik

Wednesday 6-7pm
single class

Bhangra is an energetic folk dance from Northern India. Nik organized a performing Bhangra dance group in Ames. Bhangra is now very popular in Bollywood movies and Indian wedding parties.

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World Rhythms

Thursday kids 5:00-5:45pm 12 yrs & above  6-7pm
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single class

Classic training is essential and most importantly, priceless. World of Rhythms is designed to share the sounds, movement and diversity of the land in which we all come from, Earth. In this class you’ll enjoy the bare essentials and basic foundation of what it takes to understand and move through any style of dance. With a primary focus on the techniques of Indian (folk and classical) dance and African diaspora, students will embrace these fundamental styles while adding a contemporary feel. All you need is the willingness to learn, no experience required


FUNdamentals of Acting

Monday 6-7pm
4class pkg
single class

I'Always wanted to try acting but don’t know where to start? Look no further! Join Storm at Gateway Dance Theatre and learn the ins and outs of beginner level acting. Enjoy exciting activities and exercises while also creating a deeper connection to your mind and body through this engaging 4 week workshop!*

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Hip Hop with Nik

Wednesday 7-8pm
4class pkg
single class

Find new avenues of feeling and movement by taking a step further and challenging the rules of Hip Hop. Students will Use the core movements of Hip Hop to learn mini combos as well as develop their own skill of expression, known as freestyle.

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Friday Salsa 6-7pm
Bachata 7-8pm
single class

We all want to learn Salsa but where do you start? Well right here. Salsa is an incredibly fun dance with grace and flow. If you are worried about not knowing, that is ok. This class start from the beginning. Not only will you learn how to dance but you will also learn the skills necessary to ask someone to dance, which is the most difficult part of any dance. Come meet some new people, make some friends and enjoy life!

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