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Play Buffet and Spectrum

Spectrum '22 was a collaboration between Gateway Dance Theatre and Grand View University. Grand View University presented student-directed 10-minute plays. Gateway Dance Theatre presented two 10- minute plays - Crowns, a devised “play” and a teaser of Shakuntala by Kalidasa (full play Live in July); a dance face-off of Flamenco and Kathak, and percussion with African and Indian drums.

The show was presented over three days - 20, 21, and 22 April in collaboration and generously hosted by the Grand View University in their Viking theatre.

Spectrum was the third of several events that GDT is presenting throughout the year – a veritable arts showcase to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The events will be held across the Greater Des Moines metro highlighting diverse artists and cultures. For additional information on this year's events visit to 50th Anniversary 2022 page.

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