Brazilian Samba

Dance Fitness & Community Class!

Let's dance!


Brazilian Samba dance class: 

We're going to have fun dancing Samba Reggae, Samba Rio, Baile Funk and more fun, fabulous, flirty Afro-Brazilian styles of dance. This class is great for your fitness...and for your hips, too.


The class is an Open Level Samba dance class, for beginners who have not tried Samba dance and also people who love Samba already, both women and men. No previous dance experience is necessary. Please wear fitness clothes (like yoga or workout pants) and bring a bottle of water to class. This class is danced with bare feet.

And we will have fun moving to the uplifting music of Brazil! 


Fabulous after-work fitness & movement class and beautiful way to move your hips & lift your spirits. 


Theresa Marie is a Samba dance performer and teacher as well as a certified personal trainer and fitness coach. She performed semi-professionally in New York City for 4 years, and the Bay Area, California for many more. She has taught Samba dance at different companies like Google and at dance/yoga studios like Stepping Out Studios and The Ball in NYC. Her teachers include Danielle Lima, Rio Samba in NYC; Rosangela Silvestre, Axe and modern technique in Salvador, Brazil; Danda da Hora from Ile Aiye; and Marsea Marquis and J’ann Rains in Santa Cruz, CA.

She is classically trained in music, and fell in love with Samba dance while playing drums for dance classes 16 years ago and she has not stopped dancing Samba since…and she loves sharing the musicality, Samba Queen (and King) spirit, and hip & booty shaking joy of Brazilian dance.

This class is on a baby break & will resume this summer.

You can dropin to class..or purchase
a class pass. I highly recommend joining us for a 4 Week Class Series! :) The class is super fun and accessible & it's good to try it more than once <3

Looking forward to dancing with you! Let us know if you have ANY questions :)

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