SASI Camp 2020- WIND
Summer Arts & Science Intensive  July 27-31
 Virtual Zoom camp - Requirement Internet access

WIND  is in the forecast and headed this way!  

 SASI camp is free for students

Gateway Dance Theatre is hosting its annual SASI -Summer Arts and Science Intensive Camp- an innovative, fun and creative way how WIND is interpreted through science, poetry, movement, visual arts and more! This year the students will be BLOWN away as they learn about WIND and the many forms it takes and used in our environment.

As John Douglas, Willkie House director said, “The showcase SASI 2019 Photosynthesis  performance was so well received by the community that the students that participated were sorry to see it end!”

SASI Camp addresses the lack of exposure to the arts and sciences and specifically earmarks youth and young adults that are included in marginalized communities. During the camp, young adults will have the opportunity to learn about WIND as well as connect that learning to different aspects of the arts, such as music, dance, poetry. Donations and sponsors will be gladly accepted

Our objective is to empower, educate, and encourage young minds to explore STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) especially as it relates to the environment.

The process is a BREEZE!  We promise you won’t BLOW it.

 Camp culminates with a SHOWCASE  interpreting WIND through science, dance, music, visual arts and poetry/spoken word

Contact Info:      P 515-778-5051

Science -Wind Energy

Science -Wind Energy

Science -Wind Energy

Science -Wind Energy

Science -Wind Energy

Science -Wind Energy

Allison Sandlass

Science -Wind Energy

Allison graduated from Iowa State University in December of 2017 with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Upon graduation, she moved to Los Angeles, California to work for Boeing in their satellite factory on their Materials and Processing team. With an interest in composites and the desire to move back to the Midwest, she joined TPI composites in December 2019 as a Processing Engineer. As a process engineer, she works to improve manufacturing processes by making it faster, better, and cheaper. 

Melissia Schroeder

 Science- Wind Energy 

Melissia started at TPI in 2011 as an associate on the floor. In 2012 she became a team leader and was promoted to production leader in 2014. She oversees between 40-80 associates in the components department. She loves that she works for a company that makes clean energy.

Cynthia Hunafa


 2017  Bio Cynthia Hunafa  is a program coordinator at Creative Visions Human Development Institute, a community service organization based in Des Moines. Cynthia, who hails from New York City, is a retired teacher

Cecil Slaughter


Resident Artist and Instructor of Dance in GDT’s first SASI camp 2019, Photosynthesis. Cecil has an MFA (Modern & Jazz) from the University of Iowa, and now is the Professor of the practice of Modern Dance & Jazz,  at Washington University, St. Louis, and Director of Undergraduate studies of Dance.

Penny Furgerson


and her late husband Lee B. Furgerson co -founded in 1972 Gateway Dance Theatre. GDT is  a gateway and the bridge for youth and adults  to  connect cultures and provide training in the arts. GDT included in 2019 science as a STEAM project. The program opens the doors to enrich, explore creativity, enhance self-esteem, experience empowerment, teamwork, problem solving and contribute to an inclusive society that supports inclusion, tolerance, equity and diversity

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