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Volunteer and join the GDT Family!

Photo: Eric Salmon

Volunteers play a big role in helping GDT accomplish its mission. Become an important part of our team and gain hands-on experience tailored to fit your individual talents and interests. There are several ways one can volunteer and lend a helping hand. 

Meet and mingle with different cultures, learn new skills and share your skills!

  • Manning booth/tables at 50th Anniversary events, Des Moines Arts Festival, CelebrAsian, World Food Festival, etc.

  • Organizing/taking care of costumes and other craft materials

  • Running errands

  • Posting to social media

  • Emailing press releases and announcements

  • Helping backstage/being a part of the Stage Crew

  • Brainstorming potential project ideas

  • Writing

  • Editing music/videos

  • Documenting events

  • Taking photographs

  • Transportation

  • Distributing flyers

  • Helping sell items (helping sort and price)

  • Soliciting businesses to donate lunches and snacks for Family Activity workshops & SASI Camp participants

  • Mentoring

Photo: Eric Salmon

Photo: Eric Salmon

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